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Fatima Al Qadiri – ‘Desert Strike’ EP

‘Desert Strike’ by Kuwait born Fatima Al Qadiri is probably one of the most interesting EPs I have listened to in a while; it conjures an image of something empty and barren, a desert, as is clearly the intention. The surrealism and contrasting realism of growing up in Kuwait during the first Gulf War manifest themselves in each track of the album. We hear the loading of guns and bullets hitting the floor alongside ethereal vocals and ominous reverberations, panpipe effects and echoing chimes. I would liken it to some of Nosaj Thing tracks, but that’s loose. It’s a tricky one to pin down. The album is out now on FadeToMind label and it is really worth a listen.

Words By: Bonnie Corbyn ( @BonnieCorbyn )

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Soundplate at Pacha – 11.04.14


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