Glenn Astro – ‘Tearz EP’

266612_222047764502226_1905658_oAs far as ‘churning out songs’ go, Glenn Astro appears to be one of the most industrious and determined producers out there: only five days after his ‘Power EP’ was released on WotNot Music, a new EP emerged on the artist’s Soundcloud entitled ‘Tearz’. Although the former seems a far more rounded product, there can be no denial of Glenn’s potential and, if he can stay true to this level of productivity, he could be one of the hot breakthrough acts of 2013. Indeed, Pete Tong has picked up on the German producer at a primitive stage, with ‘Feelin Me’ featured on his Radio One show; which suggests Glenn’s infectious piano melodies will be reaching a more widespread audience in the coming months.

The ‘Tearz EP’ is due for release on March 25h 2013 on Big Bait Records.

Words By: Charlie Burley (@Hot_Tropic)