7 Sides of Josh Butler [Interview & Mix] | Selector After Dark

7 Sides of Josh Butler [Interview & Mix] | Selector After Dark

This weeks interview & mix comes form Josh Butler.

Introduce yourself and tell us about the part of the UK you’re from?

I am Josh Butler and from the North West of England. I am based 30 mins from Manchester and just over that to Liverpool so its a great location, especially for clubbing and music scenes.

Tell us about some of your British DJ heroes?

I can probably speak for a lot of British people and say David Attenborough is a hero!! In terms of music though the soundtrack to a lot of my childhood was Pink Floyd so they are up there!

What have you been working on recently?

A lot of my focus over the last year has been working towards my record label Origins Rcrds. I launched the label with a series of EPs called ‘Heroes of House’ where I collaborated with
some of House music’s pioneers. I had the pleasure of working with Marshall Jefferson, Todd Terry and Robert Owens. While on the flip side of these records I made tracks with some of the future heroes of our scene, Darius Syrossian, Santé and Bontan.

Tell us about the mix, how did you put it together, what did you want to represent?

First off I wanted to showcase some British talent and some of the origins Rcrds family. I wanted to represent different people’s visions of House music. The genre has become so huge now and every producer has their own style. This mix is about moulding some darker
sounds with more groovy traditional House sounds.

Talk us through the British music featured in this mix? Which British artists are you most excited about?

The first 20 minutes of this mix is all by British producers and friends of mine. Darius Syrossian needs no introduction these days and is consistently making great House music. PAWSA is a more up and coming producer but making some very interesting beats. We spend a lot
of time in the studio together nerding out about new equipment or techniques we have learnt etc.

What is on the cards in the immediate future?

The future holds a second EP on Joris Voorn’s label Rejected and a remix for Abode. Also lots of exciting parties – Do Not Sleep, Defected, I’ll be heading back to Australia/New Zealand
also North America.

Where is the best place in the world you have DJ’d and why?

Very tough question but possibly Holland. Kings day especially gets pretty crazy over there!

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Robosonic deliver an hour of top tunes for The Soundplate Mix Series!
Download This Mix Full Tracklist

Download This Mix Full Tracklist
For those who don’t know you already, briefly introduce yourself & tell us where you are from..

Sure, my name is Cord Labuhn, representing Robosonic. A duo found in Berlin years ago. Since my partner Sacha Robotti moved to LA some time ago, mostly I took care of the projects appearance like by playing a ton of shows and keep in touch with the people. We’ve been releasing club music over the last ten years through label structures like Defected, Diynamic, Toolroom, Stil vor Talent, Nervous, Yoshitoshi and some of our most hiphop infused house records on Simma Black and OFF Recordings in their heyday. So that’s where we’re coming from.
Tell us a little about what to expect to hear in this mix, who are some of the featured artists that are you are excited about right now?

This mix begins with ‘Nuts’ our collaboration with Klangkuenstler, which is brand new and just got released on Mother Recordings. That sets the tone right away, it’s a club set, recorded in a Berlin club though late at night. Playful, spontaneous, evolving. Traumer is a french guy I really like for his crisp sound & groove aesthetics. „This ain’t Bristol“ is just the hottest label from the least popular city called Hannover, Dirtybird’s Ardalan is one of Sachas affiliates on his Westcoast mission, I haven’t met him so far, but I’m a big fan of his music. Andhim is just the sausage love affair everyone seems to agree on, and as i’m sitting in the German Winter right now i have to say they nailed that mood with their track on their new Superfriends label.

What advice would you give to aspiring DJs & producers?

Be brave. Mostly: be creative and real. Produce things that work in your set, but do something different, this is what I personally find exciting. A surprise and unique element. DJing means freedom to me, not so much genre barriers and clichés. Once you stand for a certain sound and you are popular for a very particular type of music, you may reconsider and ask for further advice. But in fact I never stopped learning and experimenting, so also I take advice from others all the time.
What do you have coming up over the next few months? (gigs, releases etc)

Now after ‘Nuts’ on Mother Recordings and my hiphop-house-hybrid ‘With Nuts’ featuring the legendary NYC rap crew The Beatnuts, there is a remix coming. Milk & Sugar celebrate their classic house hit ‘Higher and Higher’ with a Robosonic version, which was actually the first transatlantic production Sacha and me managed to finish together between LA and Berlin. Crew Love will release remixes for Soul Clap’s ‘Timespent’. In both a Robosonic Dub and a Cord Labuhn version…

There is a video of ‘Drowning’ feat. Son Little on Get Physical, which will come as a whole remix EP with a wonderful set of new interpretations…

Sacha has a dope remix on Nervous coming and is touring the US. And besides all that I’m excited to release a mixtape with only sleep music (‘Sleep Out’), and a series of hiphop-inspired stoner beats, a few rap tunes and some more ‘Outtakes’…

Where can people find out more about you and your music?

Well, there are plenty of’ll find your gateway:

if you want to follow us individually check our Cord Labuhn and Sacha Robotti solo accounts:
all the best. 1love. cord

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