10 More Beautifully Designed Soundcloud Profiles

Does your artist / label page on Soundcloud need a make-over? Here is some inspiration..

We posted the first version of this article last year and it was really popular so we thought we would re-vist the idea and showcase another 10 beautifully designed Soundcloud profiles.

The format of Soundcloud’s visual profiles with banner images has changed a little since that post but the importance of having a well-designed profile has not. Making sure your music looks as good as it sounds is super-important, in fact you can check out an article we wrote about branding for DJ’s by clicking here.

If you need some help getting your branding up to scratch we recommend using The Soundplate Cover Art Generator to create playlist artwork and design covers for your music. You can also check out our directory of graphic design resources for music.

Annie Mac Presents

Annie Mac has some of the best branding in the business. Her cartoon face logo is instantly recognisable and has been used across her online profiles along with her compilation albums, tours and more. Her profile banner promotes her latest album, by using matching colours, the banner and profile image work seamlessly together to create a clean and effective design.

Freddy Verano

German producer, Freddy Verano has created a great looking banner for his Soundcloud profile by adapting the artwork for his single ‘Comets’. The key to this is the simplicity, there is no text and only the one powerful main image on the right of the banner. For his profile image, Verano uses a good quality press photo.


Bristol based independent label, Crazylegs have one of the coolest looking Soundcloud profiles we have seen for a while. Their banner and profile image work seamlessly together. This is one of the best uses of patterns we have seen on Soundcloud as it also shows off their record label logo. This pattern is also used across their website and social media profiles, keeping everything nice and consistent.

Rinse FM

London’s famous, Rinse FM proudly show off their pirate radio beginnings with an image taken from one of the tower-blocks where their aerial was set up. The photo gives a real feeling of nostalgia and is relevant to their brands heritage. The profile picture is, of course, their famous ‘R’ logo.

Laura Jones

Another great way to use the space that Soundcloud offer you is to simply pick two strong photos. Laura Jones does this really well. her profile photo is a press-shot of her wearing her trademark orange glasses and her banner image is an action-shot of her playing a gig which fits perfectly within the 2480 x 520 pixels size limit.


LA based duo, 2ToneDisco have kept things simplistic and minimal with their black and white design. The design matches up perfectly with their artist logo which they are using as their main profile image on Soundcloud.


This clever Soundcloud profile design that FDVM are using cleverly shows off the French DJ duo’s next release. The Elephant is taken from the cover artwork and the banner very clearly displays further details of the release.


Chicago artists, Autograf use the big Soundcloud banner space for more than just staying on brand. In this Soundcloud visual profile design, they show off their up-coming tour dates. The background and polaroid theme are also carried across to their Facebook page and other social media accounts.

Wolf Music

Brighton based label, Wolf Music stay on brand and keep things simple while showing off their brands merchandise with this great use of black and white photography.

Dancing Pineapple

Dance music promotional channel, Dancing Pineapple use their visual profile banner space to show off an up-coming live event that they will be broadcasting. Keeping the background of the profile image and banner consistent helps it all blend together and their logo fits nicely as their main profile image.

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