3 Invaluable Shortcuts To help You Successfully Submit Music To Spotify Playlists

These free tips will help you find Spotify curators and submit your track for playlists – free.

There are now hundreds of independent Spotify playlist curators that you can submit your music to, managing their music submissions on Soundplate.

Artists can submit music to Spotify and Deezer curators for free on Soundplate, that’s right – for free.

Before you run off and start reaching out to curators here are a few tips you should read about submitting your music to playlists.



    1. Get Geeky – Analyze your track, analyze the playlist and make sure it’s a good fit before you submit.

      Spotify track Analyzer on Sooundplate

      One of the big problems we have run in to since launching our playlist submission system is artists spamming curators with tracks that do not fit the playlists or really understanding what a playlist curator is looking for.

      We have now taken a few steps to counter that issue including limiting the number of submissions an artist can make per day and giving artists access to much more data about the playlists they are submitting their music for.

      Our free Spotify track analyzer (pictured above) will display some useful data about your music, take note of this data and see how well it matches up to the data displayed about the tracks in the playlist you are submitting music for. You can find data about any playlist on Soundplate via it’s submission page or by using our free playlist analyzer tool.

      If your track is in a completely different genre, a different tempo or style consider submitting your track to a different playlist instead. If it matches up pretty well, go ahead and submit your music!

      If you only submit music for playlists that are relevant, you save yourself time, increase your chances of being selected and stop annoying the curators that ideally you want to build good relationships with.


    1. Find Spotify Playlists in a Particular Genre or Style


      Discover playlists by genre.



      As mentioned above there are now hundreds of Spotify curators accepting music submissions on Soundplate. That’s great, but it does mean finding the playlists that you are looking for can take some time.

      One quick tip. If you roll over the ‘Spotify Playlists’ text in the menu at the top of this page a drop-down box will appear where you can filter playlists by genre. If you need to narrow the search even further try our tailor made playlist search box, here.


  1. Get Social and Be NICE.

    It’s amazing how far a thank you goes. When a curator adds you to their playlist share the news on social media and try to drive your fans to their playlist. This is super-important and will help you build relationships with curators.

    It may also encourage them to look out for your music and support you again in future!


There are over 4 billion playlists on Spotify, if you don’t get added this time, keep going and don’t give up!



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