3 Things To Do Every Single Day If You Want To Work in the Music Business

Do these three things every day if you want a music industry job

The music business is competitive so getting a music industry job can feel like an uphill battle.  In this article, we look at three habits that will help you get your dream job in music.


Three Habits That Will Help you Land a Music Industry Job


    1. Read the music industry news – religiously. 
      Learn everything you can about the industry, stay up to date with all the latest news and changes within the industry.The more knowledgeable you are about all parts of the industry, the more attractive you come to potential employers in the industry.The music industry is constantly changing, know what’s going on, know who the movers and shakers are, and what the current hot topics are. This will also help you in networking situations and interviews.

    2. Become a blogger, playlist curator or podcaster.
      One of the most common requirements in music industry job descriptions which comes up time and time again is ‘a proven / true passion for music’.One of the best ways to flex your taste in music and to show how passionate you are about music is to curate a playlist, radio show or blog.Running a playlist or blog and updating it every single day also forces you into a habit of listening to, and discovering new music. Having your ear to the ground will help you learn about different sounds and styles and help you discover emerging trends before everyone else.Blogging about music is a great way to show your passion, written communication skills, and of course taste in music.

    3. Visit Jobs.Soundplate.com Jobs.Soundplate.com is a free music job board specifically targeted at helping artists, musicians, creatives and curators find work in the music industry.We hand-pick new opportunities and jobs to feature on the platform, with a special focus on ground-level opportunities for people trying to get into the industry for the first time!





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