These are the 5 Biggest Music Streaming Services in The World

The music streaming market is changing – here are the latest stats

A new report by MIDiA has revealed the biggest music services in the world for 2022. 

The Biggest Music Services in The World 2022
(by total number of subscribers)

It will come as no surprise that Spotify is the biggest music streaming service in the world. Spotify now boasts more than 187 million subscribers

But, it’s not all good news for the market leader, as their total market share has actually got smaller. 

China’s music streaming market is growing very fast. The market leader there, Tencent Music, is exploding in popularity. Tencent Music has the third-most subscribers out of all the music streaming companies. 

Here are the top 5, in order of the number of subscribers they now have:


The Top 5 Most Popular Music Streaming Platforms in the world 2022:

  1. Spotify (30% of the total market)
  2. Apple Music (14% of the total market)
  3. Tencent Music (13% of the total market)
  4. Amazon Music (13 % of the total market)
  5. YouTube Music (9% of the total market)


Top Music Streaming Platfroms 2022




Tencent, Amazon Music & YouTube Music Are Growing!

Streaming giants Spotify & Apple Music lost out on a small amount of market share this year.

Most of that is down to the incredible growth of Tencent Music in China (where Spotify does not operate). 

However Amazon Music & YouTube Music both also saw small gains in market share.

Here’s some more granular data from the MIDiA Report for you to dig into:


How to promote music across all the major streaming platforms.

The problem with promoting your music on just one platform:

As the data above shows, if you are only promoting your music on one platform you could be neglecting the majority of your fans.

Spotify is the most popular music streaming platform in the world. But despite its huge user base, Spotify’s reach does not extend to every single fan. In fact, only about 30% of music fans are using Spotify for their tunes. This means if you only share a Spotify link 70% of your potential fans might miss out on your music!

The solution:

Use Music Smart Links

Music Smart Links are specifically designed to solve this problem. They are special landing pages designed to promote your music online. These links allow your fans to choose which platform they  want to listen to your music on.

There are many other benefits to using smart links, learn more by reading our guide to music smart links.

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Use music smart links to promote your music



Read The Full Report:

The data from this report came from The Music subscriber market shares 2022 Report by Mark Mulligan for MIDiA. Read it in full here: