6 of The Best Audio Recorders for Recording DJ Sets & Live Performances

The best kit for recording DJ Sets & Live Shows

In this post we discover 6 of the best audio recorders for recording live music or DJ sets.



If you are a DJ or musician, you may not realize how beneficial it can be to record your sets or live performances. You can listen back to recordings to hear the music as the audience did and pick up on any areas you can improve. Recorded performances also make for great social media and marketing content!

Create high quality recordings of your DJ sets or live shows using one of these top audio recorders, all the options listed here are great and will record in high-quality ready for you to listen back and/or share online.



iRig Stream 2

best audio recorders for djsThe IK Multimedia iRig Stream 2-channel recording and live streaming audio interface is designed for use with your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, or Mac.

This device makes it simple and easy to share your recordings as it allows you to connect mixers, instruments, and more to your smartphone or personal computer.

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Evermix Box 4

best audio recorders for djThe Evermix Box makes it possible to record DJ sets and share them with listeners worldwide. It features a portable design and is made from strong and durable high-grade aluminum material. The device features a plug-and-play system that makes setup a breeze.

This is a brilliant option for DJ’s planning to share sets online as it integrates with platforms like Mixcloud & Soundcloud.

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Tascam DR-05

Tascma audio recorder for musicThe Tascam DR-05 portable handheld stereo recorder features a high-quality omnidirectional condenser microphone that is sure to capture every detail of your set. This easy-to-use device is ideal for recording everything from live performances to music and voice applications used for interviews and podcasts.

The Tascam audio recorders have been a staple recording device for musicians for many years, solid, reliable kit!

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Roland R-07

Roland audio recorder for The Roland R-07 audio recorder features a compact design so you can record your sets anywhere. Roland is a brand synonymous with high-quality audio.

It also has Bluetooth control and low latency wireless monitoring that allows you to listen to your content while controlling it while using your smartphone device and Bluetooth-enabled speakers.

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Reloop Tape 2

The Reloop Tape 2 device features a fun retro cassette tape design and an easy-to-use recording system that outputs audio in 24-bit WAV or MP3 files.

Users can connect this device to their personal computer and even use it as a card reader for their microSD cards. It features a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that allows for up to 6 hours of recording time.

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Zoom H1

The Zoom H1n Portable Recorder features a streamlined style with a protective microphone enclosure and one-touch button controls.

It includes intuitive menus for fast and effortless operation and a long-lasting battery that can go for as long as 10 hours.


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All the audio recorders listed in this article are great products worthy options for recording your DJ sets or live shows.

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