7 of the Best Subreddits For Music Promotion and Discovery

Music Promotion on Reddit

This post doesn’t even begin to cover the huge list of Subreddits for free music promotion where you can share your music. There are hundreds of great subs for you to post to in hopes to have someone discover you – or find someone to discover.

Here are just seven of the top music Subreddits to promote your music:

1. “Music” (r/Music)

A Subreddit simply called “Music” has more than 27 million subscribers. It’s listed as the largest on this social site. Here’s a run-down of the rules for sharing either your or another artist’s work.

Priority guidelines include not linking to any crowdfunding campaigns and no unauthorized music leaks. All discussions must be relevant to music or the music industry. No off-topic posts are allowed. This group frowns on sharing playlists and images too. This Subreddit’s primary purpose is for discovering new artists.

2. “Listen to This” (r/listentothis)

It’s the second-most popular music Subreddit. The same group also has a discussion on Discord. Discovering new and overlooked music is the primary focus. However, moderators also feature “Music Melting Pot” posts, which allows users to share any track they like – within reason. A primary guideline is not to share “corporate” music. It’s meant for individual artists. They also encourage sharing what you like about a song, just make sure you post in the correct format below or the post will be removed:

MainArtistName — trackName (year)

3. HipHop Heads (r/hiphopheads)

This group features hip-hop, R&B, future-beat and related genres. You can also post any updates related to this musical style’s industry. For instance, you can post news, videos or anything about new releases or production companies. Read the rules for a complete guide if you want to promote music on Reddit.

Hint: one of the “no-no’s” in this group is to not post overplayed or overshared content.


4. Guitar (r/Guitar)

If you have a passion for the rock music genre, this Subreddit is the place for you. Reviews, lessons or gear discussions are meant to be had here. From novice to professional, just about everyone who loves guitars or plays them would fit in here. You will have to wait two days to make your first post, but it probably will be worth it!

5. Let’s Talk Music (r/LetsTalkMusic)

This group focuses more on the discussion of music rather than on the music itself. Although you are asked to give examples if you cannot make an insightful post without talking about a particular subject, you are not to use this Subreddit for self-promotion. It’s more of an “iron-sharpens-iron” type group meant for musical self-improvement through in-depth conversation and participation.

There is a lot to be learnt by hanging around this sub!


6. Dubstep (r/dubstep) & Other Genre Specific Subs

Oh, you thought dubstep was dead? Think again! This music sub is for dubstep music promotion on Reddit. You can find a subreddit for pretty much any genre you can think of!


This list of music subreddits is just the tip of the iceberg there are hundreds more to discover so dive in and promote your music on Reddit.

Just make sure to also add value to the communities you post in, spamming your music links is not the way to grow on Reddit, join in the conversation, post your songlink only when it feels suitable, use the ‘live’ feature and participate in discussions as much as you can.

Reddit can be a powerful tool to help you build your audience and promote your music, just don’t abuse it!