7 Reasons Why You Need to Use Smart Links When Promoting Music

Smart Links are a very important tool for music marketing. Heres just some of the reasons why.

Music smart links or ‘fan links are an essential tool for promoting music. In this post we will go through just seven of the reasons why you need to create a smart link for your music.

Smart links for music, make your music look as good as it sounds, but they also do so much more, read on to find out more. You may also want to read our complete guide to music smart links.

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7 Reasons Why You Need to Use Smart Links When Promoting Music


1. Give your fans the choice.

Just because you love one streaming platform over the rest, it does not mean all your fans are there. Music fan links put the power into your hands. Let them deicide how they want to consume your music by adding various options to your smart link.


2. Get More Playlist Adds and Followers

Getting into playlists, big or small is one of the key drivers to success on streaming platforms. When you create a smart link with Soundplate Clicks you can include ‘Add To Playlist’ buttons to encourage your fans to include your music in their playlists.

You can also use Soundplate Clicks to create Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify pre-save campaigns!

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3. Get The Data You need to Make The Right Music Marketing Decisions.

Every time a fan visits your smart link and clicks a link, Soundplate Clicks will record valuable data about them including their location, which store they visited, what device they are using and much more. This information will help you plan your future marketing activity and also make sure you are targeting the correct people with your advertising.


4. Create Your Artist Page

Artist pages bring together all of your music, tour dates, social media links and more on one beautiful, response web page. This can replace your artist website completely or work alongside it to display your music in the best possible light. You can create yours for no extra cost if you are a pro member of Soundplate Clicks.

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5. Share your music everywhere!

Smart links are perfect for sharing on social media. They can also be embedded directly on websites, shared using QR codes on flyers and merch and sent in newsletters to your fans. Anywhere your fans are, your music can be too!


6. Promote your gigs to the fans most likely to attend them.

If a fan visits your smart link to hear your new music and you have an event coming up in their city, you can promote the event to them, right there and then using Soundplate Clicks geo-targeted event promotion tool.


7. Re-Targeting

Use your smart link to build a custom audience on Facebook by integrating a Facebook advertising pixel on your smart links. This will help you put together much more effective Facebook and Instagram campaigns in future. You can also add Google Analytics tracking to your smart links for even more data on your fans.


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