7 Sides of Fork and Knife [Interview & Mix] | Selector After Dark

This week’s interview and mix comes from Fork and Knife.

Introduce yourself and tell us about the part of the UK you’re from?

My name’s Andrew Perring AKA Fork and Knife. I’ve lived in London for the last 8 or so years but am originally from Devon. Two very different places that I think have impacted me pretty equally. Devon is beautiful; long stretches of nothing and so green and quiet whereas London is… well, London. Kind of exactly as you’d imagine it. And I love it.
Can you tell us a bit about what you’ve been working on recently?

I’ve got a new EP called Nursery out on Not Like That (The label that I co-founded). Then I’ve got a few remixes on the way and LOADS more originals as well as playing lots of shows.
And can you talk us through the mix?

With the mix I like to think I’ve captured a lot of different styles that actually compliment each other quite nicely. There is so much music in it that I really struggle to define in terms of genre; but I like that. It spans so many different bpms and sounds but I think all these tracks added together gives the listener a pretty good idea as to what I’m trying to achieve with Fork and Knife.
Which British artists excite you?

I’m excited about every artist I’ve featured in this mix. Iglooghost is getting pretty massive now, which is amazing and weird because it’s so heavy and techy and just generally strange music. A lot of his tunes sound like metal, which I like. Also, on the other end of the spectrum, Sunshower is an artist that I really love. He does a lot of 80’s tunes reworked and they all sound so smooth. He’s just released an album on Pedicure Records and it’s amazing.
Great and what’s on the cards in the immediate future?

In the immediate future I have a few singles and remixes coming out and just playing out as much as possible really. Not Like That’s calendar of events is looking pretty stacked over the next few months so I’m going to be pretty busy.
And finally, where is the best place in the world you have performed and why?

My experience of playing out is pretty limited. I would say that the Not Like That parties we throw are always a lot of fun. We like to create an immersive environment using multiple projectors to transform the space into something completely different. It’s as much about the projections we show, as it is the music. There are a million nights where you can go and see a DJ play in a dark basement somewhere; Our parties are basically the opposite of that.

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