7 Sides of Pete Cannon [Interview & Mix] | Selector After Dark

This weeks interview & mix comes from UK Hiphop producer Pete Cannon.

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pete cannon

Introduce yourself and tell us about the part of the UK you’re from?

Hey, my name is Pete Cannon and I’m from the North of England. I’m originally from Blackpool but have resided in and around Manchester for the past 10 years. Blackpool is famous for rock, a big tower, 3 piers and is the birth place for the dad out of Frasier. Manchester made Morrissey.

Cool, so what have you been working on recently?

Musically there are so many projects. I’ve just finished the new album with Dr Syntax called ‘Killer Combo’ which is out now. It is getting great feedback and I must big up Selector Radio for championing the track we did with Del The Funky Homosapien and Jehst called “Do What We Wanna Do.” On top of this I have an album ready to come out on Lewis Records (Big up Mike Lewis) that is full of comedy/parody/fun tracks. I’m toying with the album name but at the moment I’m stuck on “For The Most Part UK Hip Hop Is Far To Flippin Serious”. I have a feeling it might change ha. There are so many collaborations to come and working tracks in the pipeline just look out for some great music backed up by a lovely haircut produced by Pete Cannon

Haha great, we’ll keep an eye out for those tell us about the mix, how did you put it together, what did you want to represent?

This mix contains lots of exclusives from myself. I just wanted to use the platform to push some of my unheard music to a different audience potentially. I also linked with lots of artist I work with within the scene who’s music I love and who hooked me up with exclusives. Overall it’s quite eclectic for what was essentially going to be a straight hip hop mix but I love so much stuff I get too excited. If you get the chance come and see me DJ live, it usually involves me jumping about frantically and MCing my own sets. Come along, have a chat, we can be mates… Oh and Mc Double Mint isn’t me!

And there’s load’s of new British talent in the mix talk us through some of the British artists that you are most excited about?

There is lots of great British hip-hop, if you don’t know you should check High Focus Records, they are smashing it right now. Jam Baxter is one of the greatest lyricists out there; I don’t need to go on about it, YouTube him. Also Manchester is massively on the up for hip-hop. Bands like the Mouse Outfit are bringing something different to the table by adding credible live instrumentation to hip hop music. Their Mc’s Dr Syntax and Sparkz smash up the live shows and compliment each other with varied flows and subject matter. Their producer Pitch is also a Bad Man on the boards and is a dead good guy! Also in Manchester you have Voodoo Black which is Sparkz’s crew, they make more electronic hip hop and it’s great to hear music that pricks my ears up, it’s a little different but still bangin’. Then there is The Bluntskins. A Manchester crew who predominately make tunes based around, you know, opening your pineal gland, tuning everything down to 432hz and visiting Amsterdam a lot! Great music…In fact just go and listen to them on YouTube and stop reading this, it’s much more entertaining.

Other labels and artist in hip-hop you should check out.; Problem Child, LDZ, 184 and the Purist, J-man, Blah records and Lee Scott. Oh and not to forget Rag and Bone man. He is on tour as support with Bastille at the minute doing his shows with Stig of the Dump. Check out my Rag and Bone man remix in the mix to hear his incredible voice.

Wow loads of new British act’s to get excited about there, but tell us about some of your British DJ heros?

My heroes come from the rave era. At the age of 11 I got a DJ Easygroove tape from a live rave, which sparked my obsession with electronic music. It was exactly what I was looking for. I had lots of rave compilations as a kid from the ages of 8 -10 but it was all a bit soft in my eyes. I already knew the kind of music I was looking for and this Easygroove tape just sent me bonkers. It was all over the place, I loved it. Jungle, techno, hardcore but always prominent was the breakbeats. It just had so much energy and it matched my personality. I now own every record that was played in that set; it’s totally the formation of my electronic music mind. From there I got into the rave scene in a big way in the early 90s and of course then jungle, which I still play out. Of course there are lots of hip hop DJ’s that are fantastic from this country and one of the best I saw of recent was Mr Thing. His sets aren’t only great to dance to, entertaining and skilful but also educational, most of you probably know him but you should check him out.

However by the time I was into hip hop at 16 there was no mystic around music, I knew how it worked from DJ’in to production. I love hip hop of course but I guess when I hear rave music it’s the sonic equivalent of getting that first high, nah mean…

Excellent and looking ahead what is on the cards in the immediate future?

I think I’m going to be the first UK hip hop philanthropist. I want to do lectures, YouTube videos, drum packs for free, mixing techniques, free visits to my studio and basically pass on any knowledge I have to help the scene grow and develop. I’m not saying I know the be all and end all of how to make music as of course its down to experience and preference but there is nothing wrong with exchanging ideas to help each other. Lets grow, be mates, make food and make out…

And finally this being a global show where is the best place in the world you have DJ’d and why?

I do lots of gigs around the country but I still love house parties and DJ’in with close mates. I get to play anything across the board and we can educate each other. That or playing boat parties, they are usually rather nuts and always seem to stick out in my mind. Shout to Ivan and the Boom Bap team at Outlook last year, if you were there you know.