A Few Minutes With Harrison [Interview]

We caught up with Norfolk born producer Harrison for 5 minutes

After the enormous success of last October’s Juice WRLD cover ‘Lucid Dreams’ with over 15 million streams on Spotify we caught up with Harrison for a quick chat just after the release of his new single ‘Losing My Mind’. 



Introduce yourself and tell us where your from..

Hey I am Harrison im 28 (feel old now) I was born in Norfolk but have lived in Surrey since I was 16.


Name one person who has had a big impact on your music career and tell us how they have helped you?

The person / company who has helped me the most and had the biggest impact on my career so far is selected love the support they have been giving me recently really has been HUGE.


What’s on your rider?

jeez feels like a long time ago I saw one of those due to the fact all the shows disappeared. But it is Jack Daniels, Grey Goose, Dom, and mixers also pizza and snacks no puppies or anything crazy like that.


What is your favourite piece of music equipment and why?

My Sony c800G this mic has been my lucky charm.


What is your music plugin and why?

Melodyne I can make anyone sound amazing haha.


If you could change one thing about working in the music industry what would it be?

The money sucks unless you are streaming millions and millions and millions. And the worst part is the majors hold the biggest shares in Spotify so on so they will never change it as they have the monopoly and artists get no money to survive.


Describe your creative process / routine.

I get writers block badly recently I don’t know if its because I’ve been doing this for like 15 years or more but like I have recently been having 3 weeks to do fun stuff and one solid week for 20 hours a day in the studio and it seems to be working for me.


Do you get nervous before playing to a crowd, if so how do you cope with the nerves?

Not anymore I used to drink before but to be honest it sent me into a spiral so now I try not to.


What song/project/album are you most proud of to date?

This next one May 14th 2021.


What are you currently working on that we should be excited about?

A debut album.


How much time do you spend making music? How long does it take for you to finish a track?

Depends.. Can be a day can be 6 months.


Any advice for new artists?

3rd party playlists are king you need to get in with them.




Social Links:

Instagram –  @harrisonmusic

Facebook – @HarrisonMusicOfficial 


Check out his latest single ‘Losing My Mind’ Below