A Few Minutes With Kevin Knapp [Interview]

We caught up with Berlin based Producer and DJ.

With the release of his first solo EP on Plump we caught up with Tech House DJ to talk Jack Daniels, white towels with specific measurements and his busy work schedule! 




Introduce yourself and tell us where you are from?

My name is Kevin Knapp and I live in the self-proclaimed creative and cultural epicenter of Europe, Berlin.


What tune ALWAYS goes off when you play it?

Kevin Knapp & Sacha Robotti – Thump Bumper


A tune that is popular that you can’t stand?

So many! I mean SO MANY! But how horrific is this? The Business – Tiesto


What’s been your favourite event you have played so far?

The majority of the events I’ve played have had something special about them. Perhaps it’s the current lockdown, but I am really fiending to play Dirtybird Campout and Desert Hearts again. I can’t wait.


What’s on your rider – anything unusual?

1 Bottle of Jack Daniels – 2 Bottles of white wine and white towels with specific measurements. If they are too short they just won’t cut it and if they are two long, you look like you’re bringing the day spa vibes. No bueno.


Best DJ headphones to wear?

I am in love with my Pioneer XDJ X-10’s. They fit snug as a bug with tons of bump!


Best Decks for a home setup?

I always feel like you can benefit from having the club set up at your home, if you can swing it. Mastery of the equipment is not something you should be struggling with once on stage in front of folks if you can avoid it.


How do you go about finding tunes?

I suppose it’s some combination of swimming through a sea of promos that seem to never extinguish, falling into random artist discovery rabbit holes on Beatport, and seeing what some of my favorite artists and tastemakers have been putting out into the world.


It’s been a strange year for DJ’s with lockdown etc – how have you coped, what’s been keeping you busy?

Between running our record label Plump, hosting a Livestream every Saturday night on Dirtybird’s Twitch channel and music production, I’ve had plenty on my plate for sure!


Is there anything you are working on that our readers should check out right now?

If you have not peeped the Beat N Eats episodes I think they are super entertaining, and were a blast to make. Audiojack and I just released a single from their forthcoming album that has been doing really well called Under Your Skin, and stay tune for my first solo EP on Plump called Baby Don’t Stop, out March 5th. It bangs 😉

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