A Few Minutes With Noizu [Interview]

We caught up with Los Angeles based Dj/Producer.

Amassing a whooping 3.5 million streams on his new single we catch up with Noizu after the release of summer anthem ‘Summer 91’.



Introduce yourself and tell us where you are from?

My names Noizu and I’m a producer / DJ from London but I live in Los Angeles, California now.

What tune ALWAYS goes off when you play it?

I play mostly my own music in my sets.  Both highlight songs that get the biggest
reaction in my sets is, Summer 91 (Looking Back) and an older song I did called “Baby Baby”.  I always end my sets with that one.

What’s been your favourite event you have played so far? 

EDC Las Vegas is definitely a moment to remember.  The size of it and the energy the crowd has is insane.  I think most DJs who have played there will say it’s one of their favourites festivals. My other favorite event was a show we put on in LA at Exchange.  We sold it out and it felt like such a good achievement.  That was a night to remember!

What’s on your rider – anything unusual?

Haha not really.  I’ve always wanted to add something random on there but to be
honest it’s just annoying for the people who have to go and get it. I have heard of some mad stuff people have asked for… not naming names but someone requests a brand new pair of trainers on their rider.  If your getting paid well to do a show buy your own trainers you tight ass!

Best headphones to wear when DJ’ing?

I use Sennheiser HD 25.  They are so light to carry around and they aren’t too expensive to replace if you break them or leave them in a hotel room / club! I’ve honestly never had problems with them and they are pretty much industry standard these days.

Best Decks for a home setup?

Do you know what, I don’t have any decks set up at home in LA.  I feel like when you do enough shows you don’t need them.  I used to have Pioneer CDJ2000s in the UK but I didn’t bring them over. For me DJing isn’t necessarily about the gear, it’s more about understanding your music collection and what you have on your USBs. Knowing the structures of the songs and keys are so important.

How do you go about finding tunes?

A mix of being sent songs via social media, promo company’s and Beatport. I do like to dig into Beatport and find songs and artists I’ve never heard of.  I also run a label “Techne” so it’s a good way of being sent music to test out in the club.

It’s been a strange year for DJ’s with lockdown etc – how have you coped, whats been keeping you busy?

I’ve been busy with my new single “Summer 91 (Looking Back)”. It’s currently on the A list at BBC Radio 1 and has entered the UK charts which is mad for me as I’ve always made club music. I love being in the studio working on new music, making Splice sample packs and running my label so it hasn’t been that bad.

Is there anything you are working on that our readers should check out right now?

Go check out my new single if you haven’t already!  Summer 91 (Looking Back) is on all streaming platforms.  Also check out my label Techne Records. If you are a fan of house and tech house you should like the releases!


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