Amazon Music Unlimited Review 2018 : As good as Spotify or Apple Music?

How does Amazon Music Unlimited / Amazon Prime Music compare to the streaming giants?

This weekend we took advantage of the Amazon Music Unlimited free trial and put the platform to the test. There were things we loved, and things we didn’t. Check out our thoughts below!

What is Amazon Music Unlimited and What happened to Amazon Prime Music?

Amazon Music Unlimited is an ad-free music streaming and download service with over 40 million songs. Amazon is a real Spotify rival offering some pretty cool music discovery features along with it’s huge catalogue and some very competitive price plans.

Amazon Prime Music is like Amazon Music Unlimited’s little brother, the same platform but with fewer features and around 2 million tracks.


How does Amazon Music Unlimited cost?

Amazon offer a 30 day free trial so you can try out the service and get a real feel for it before you commit to spending any money. If you are happy, you can sign up for £9.99/month (the same as Spotify) or if you are already a member of Amazon Prime it costs just £7.99/month (for prime members). Amazon also offers special £3.99/month plans for Alexa users and a family plan with further discounts.

Click here to see all the prices or to start a free trial.

What we loved about Amazon Music Unlimited

There are some really great features on the platform, we didn’t find the music discovery quite as good as Spotify but there are more tracks and some great stations and playlists to choose from. The audio quality seemed slightly better on Amazon Music and can be adjusted in the settings which is a nice touch.

The overall look and feel is pretty similar to Spotify and is very slick and as you might expect from Amazon, the voice controlled features are truly excellent. As with most of the major streaming platforms now, Amazon offer offline listening and offer apps for pretty much every device you can think of!

What we didn’t love so much

We really missed the Spotify playlists while using Amazon Music. Listening to playlists curated by our favourite labels, blogs and DJ’s is a big part of the streaming experience for us. While there are some good playlists on Amazon the depth just isn’t the same.

We also felt that Apple Music had the edge with exclusive content and Spotify’s overall user experience was better.

Should I subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited?

If you are already a paying member of Amazon Prime and using the free delivery or streaming movies / TV with Amazon this is a good way to save a few quid on a monthly music subscription. If not, for now we are still sticking to Spotify.

Having said that, why not take the free trial and see for yourself, you can cancel anytime so you really have nothing to loose.


If, like us you decide to stick with Spotify, discover some great Spotify playlists by clicking here!