Instantly find the BPM, Key & Duration of Any Song

How to instantly check the BPM of any song online!

In this post we will explain how to find the BPM, key and duration of any song in just 2 easy steps.


How to check the BPM of a Song Online

  1. Open the Song Analyzer tool on Soundplate.
  2. Enter the Spotify track URL of the track and click ‘Analyze’
Copy song link from here! (right click a song on the Spotify app)



After you have clicked the analyze button you will see a screen like this:



The top line of the ‘track results’ shows the tempo / BPM of the song, the duration and the key of the song.

The Song Analyzer tool is completely free, try it out for yourself!


Why we created the track analyzer tool

There are thousands of playlists listed on Soundplate where you can submit your music for free. Choosing which playlists to submit to can be difficult, so to give you the best possible chance of being selected and added to a playlist we built the track analyzer and a similar tool which analyzes entire playlists.

This means you can check if your music might be a good fit for the playlist before you submit, giving you the best possible chance of being added.

Since then, we have also been contacted by music produucers and DJ’s that find the tool helpful when looking for insipration and help working out what tempo suits a project they are working on.


What is BPM anyway?

BPM stands for beats per minute, and is a way to measure the tempo of a song.

A typical dance-pop song has a BPM of around 120, while a slower ballad might have a BPM of 60-80. You can use a metronome to help you find the BPM of a song or simply use the online tool mentioned above!.

To calculate the BPM, you are simply counting the number of times the beat occurs in one minute. For example, if you count 32 beats in one minute, then the song has a BPM of 32.


What is the ‘Key’ of a song?

In music, the key of a song is the tonal center around which the rest of the song is based. The key can be major or minor, and it determines the overall mood of the song. To find the key of a song, look for the note that is repeated most often or sounds the strongest.  Or, once again simply enter the Spotify url into the Soundplate track analyzer.


Try it for yourself:

Click the button below to open the analyzer tool and instantly check the BPM, key and duration of any song you like!



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