Create perfect playlist cover artwork for free with this new tool

Create music artwork for your playlist, song or mixtape for free! is a free tool where you can create beautiful music covers for playlists and songs. We decided to launch this to help playlist curators and artist create better pack-shots for their music.

Check it out now and create your playlist artwork for free!

No registration or payment is required, it’s completely free for everyone to use.

Create playlist artwork at


How To Create Playlist Artwork

It’s as easy as making a photo look good on Instagram!

  1. Go to
  2. Upload a background image or select one from the ever-changing bank of royalty-free stock images available.
  3. Apply a filter or overlay to the image.
  4. Upload your logo (optional) and place it on the cover.
  5. Add your text.
  6. Download your high-quality image!




How to change playlist cover artwork on Spotify

  1. Open the Spotify desktop app and navigate to your playlist
  2. Click the playlist image.
  3. In the Edit view, enter a playlist name and description.
  4. Click CHOOSE IMAGE and upload a new cover image, or REPLACE IMAGE.
  5. SAVE.

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What Else Can I use Artwork Made on Cover.Soundplate For?

Anything you like including:

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