How to create spinning vinyl animations to promote your music on social media

Quickly create animations to promote your music on social media

We all know social media advertising for music is a key part of music marketing and sometimes you just need some cool content to post to get your music out there. In this post we explain how to make those cool spinning disc animations artists often post to announce new music.



Spinning vinyl / spinning disc animations have become a simple and effective way for artists to announce new music or share classic tracks on social media. Creating them is easier than ever with

To create yours simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and open the app.
  2. Select a template you like.
  3. Style your animation with custom backgrounds and text.
  4. Upload your cover art.
  5. Click EXPORT VIDEO.
  6. Uploads to Instagram and add your music from the Instagram/Facebook music library.
Open Music Tickers & Create Animations


Once you have some great content ready to promote, you may want to setup some advertising campaigns for your music on Instagram or across social media. To do this we recommend using this music advertising tool where you will get access to special targeting options and access to an advanced algorithm for making the most of your music advertising budget.

Launch Music Advertising Tool


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