7 Sides of Denney [Interview & Mix] | Selector After Dark

This week’s interview & mix comes from Denney

Introduce yourself and tell us about the part of the UK you’re from?

Hello I’m Denney and I’m originally from a small town in the North East called Yarm, however, I’ve spent many years in Leeds and now a resident of London.


Tell us about some of your British DJ heroes?

My British DJ heroes have got to be ?Andrew Weatherall? and Craig Richards as well as the Basics Residents Ralph Lawson, Tristan Da Cunha, James Holroyd, Paul Woolford and Buckley. They’re not DJs but ?The Prodigy? are probably the most important band in my life; they introduced me to electronic music when I was 10 years old.


What have you been working on recently?

On lots of original music, a couple of remixes and also started work on a compilation which I can’t say too much about but will be out later in the year.


Tell us about the mix, how did you put it together, what did you want to represent?

I wanted to showcase what I do in a club and I think this mix does that.


Talk us through the British music featured in this mix? Which British artists are you most excited about?

The mix opens with a great new track by ?Matt Tolfrey?, there is also a Hauswerks track which is killer in there as well as a brilliant remix by Lawler too. I also did 15 minutes of new music by myself which includes my new record on Knee Deep In Sound.


What is on the cards in the immediate future?

Lots of studio work and working on the compilation mentioned above ahead of the summer madness.


Where is the best place in the world you have DJ’d and why?

There have been so many amazing places I have played in the world but two that I always get excited about are Lost Beach Club in Ecuador and Elrow in Barcelona is always so much fun.