Event Review: Elrow at Amnesia Ibiza with Patrick Topping

Elrow have garnered a reputation for staging some of the most infamous parties around the planet. Talk of huge inflatables, actors running riot and huge confetti cannons all set against a techno laden backdrop.

The rumours are to be believed…

Having premiered their residency in Space last year clubbers were relieved to hear that Amnesia would play host to the new and improved fiesta – “the centre of the earth” as Topping tweeted earlier that day.

Amnesia’s main room was hosted by Topping himself playing his first ‘all night long’ set in Ibiza with confidence and purpose. His music initially tainted with the welcome melodic techno that has become synonymous with Elrow parties. However, this is ‘The City’ and Topping took note – his sound always carried a distinctly British flavour and this was noted and appreciated by his many natives who had flocked to see him.

In Amnesia’s famous Terrace Technasia were throwing down huge Balearic bangers and here that European sound was supplemented by Elrow’s many, many props and dancers. At one point a gargantuan amount of inflatables are released alongside two confetti blasts. Those around us are transported back to their childhood beaming and hugging one another.


This is Elrow’s purpose and they achieve it like no other event.

We returned to the main room and find Topping still laying into the crowd. The sound has become more euphoric, however, supplemented by some delicious vocal samples alongside his monstrous hits. ‘Boxed Off’ sounds massive within the realms of ‘The City’ and the visuals that support it claim Topping and Elrow as Kings of the island, for this week at least.


Words By: Tom Wiltshire