Four Tet – ‘Baby’ | Featured Music

‘Baby’, Four Tet’s recent release off his forthcoming release 16 Oceans, is a moving and dreamy ode to life and love. Initially, both the beat and Ellie Goulding’s warm, glowing vocal bleed and build into one another. It moves steadily along at a pace that is at once urgent but also movingly peaceful. It is not until the breakdown, coupled with Goulding’s now fading and distant vocal, we get the true beauty of ‘Baby.’

Nature now consumes us; running water and birdsong transport us into a calmer, serene environment reflecting the lyricism ‘you’re all I have/you’re taking me on’ – isolated amongst these naturalistic sounds the beat is the reintroduced and the piece moves fluently into itself once more.

It’s a thing of beauty, a track at once tranquil and composed but also fragile and delicate – a delight.


Words By: Tom Wiltshire