Generate Slowed + Reverb remixes for free in your web browser

Our new tool for creating slowed + reverb / Sped-Up / Daycore / Nightcore mixes online

Slowed + Reverb remixes have blown up online over the past few years. With this new tool you can generate low + reverb or sped-up versions of your tracks, ready to release, for free.

Check it out below:



Generate slowed+reverb remixes online - slow + reverb generator





What is Slowed + Reverb?!

Slowed + Reverb remixes take songs from various different genres (including LoFi beats, trap, phonk and more) and give them a totally different sound. Just as the name suggests, the tempo is slowed right down and lots of reverb is added giving a spaced out, emotional effect to the music.


The genre shot to popularity on YouTube and Soundcloud but more and more is finding it’s way to mainstream music platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. More and more artists are dropping the official slowed+Reverb versions of their tracks along with the original versions. 


Why did Soundplate create this Slowed + Reverb generator?

At Soundplate we build different things to help artists including music promotion tools and music advertising tools but Soundplate actually started life as a record label


We are starting to make and plan to release slow + reverb versions of some Soundplate Records releases, we initially built this tool to use internally but the results were so good, we decided to share it with the world. Our mission is always to help artists, this tool is completely free to use, no registration is required. 


How can I create Daycore / Nightcore with this tool?

Simply upload your track then adjust the settings to find the sound you like. You will find some helpful tips for creating your remixes in the FAQ at the bottom of this page.

Your tracks will be exported as high-quality WAV files. 


How to advertise your Slowed + Reverb remix on YouTube

Once you have created a great Slow + Reverb track using the generator, you can upload it to YouTube with a music visualizer video (make sure you have the rights to the original version of the track first!). 

Once uploaded use this music advertising tool to set-up a youtube views campaign and get more listeners for your music!