Get Music into Spotify Playlists in 3 Easy Steps

Getting your music into Spotify playlists isn’t as hard as you might think.

Just before we dive into the three-step process to get music into Spotify Playlists, please read and make sure you understand the points below:

Important: Read this before you submit your music to Spotify playlists!

  • Only ever submit music to RELEVANT Spotify playlists:

    One sure fire way to be ignored by Spotify curators is to spam them with music that clearly is not a fit for their playlist. Do your research and only submit music that suits the playlist. If your music is featured in an irrelevant playlist it’s skip-rate will increase and Spotify will deem it lower quality and will be less likely to include it in their in-house playlists.

  • Bigger does not necessarily mean better.

    A playlist with 100 real engaged followers is much better than a playlist with 10,000 fake followers. Furthermore, relevance is more important than size. Spotify’s algorithm takes all playlists into account when deciding which songs to surface in the Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists. Find out more about how Discover Weekly works, here.

  • Your music has to be good.

    It sounds obvious but Spotify curators are first and foremost music fans. If your music is not as good as the other artists they are featuring, well, it’s unlikely they are going to take you seriously. Also, to get music into Spotify playlists, please make sure your artwork looks professional!

Three steps to get your music into Spotify Playlists.

As Spotify continues to explode in popularity more and more playlist pitching services and playlist promotion companies are springing up. Some may be good, but it’s hard to know who to trust especially as many of the online reviews of streaming promotion companies are biased, written by the companies themselves.

So before you spend a penny trying to get music into Spotify playlists, we suggest trying Spotify playlist submission our way, the FREE way.

  1. Find suitable playlists for your music.

    To make this easy, follow the links below to submit music for Spotify playlists.

  2. Submit ONE of your best tracks to the playlists that best suit your style.

    On Soundplate, there is a Spotify playlist submission link on every playlist listed. Click the ‘Submit Music’ button on the playlist page, follow the steps and enter the details of your track.

  3. Be Patient and be thankful!

    If your track is approved and added to a playlist, be sure to send a tweet & share the playlist on Facebook. A curator is much more likely to want to feature your music again if you are nice!


Spotify Playlist Submission links:

That’s it, a simple and free way to submit your music to Spotify playlists

Best of luck!