Submitting Your Music To Spotify Playlist Curators Just Got Easier

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We are proud to be independent. We are also proud to support other independent music companies, curators and musicians.

The way we consume music has totally changed since we launched our record label and blog. Streaming is now king.

With this in mind, we thought the time was right to start making some changes. You may have already noticed that we have a new website (it’s still a work in progress, sorry for the bugs!) and we have become far more focused on playlists.

The main Spotify playlists are dominated by the major record labels (no surprise there as they are part-owners of the platform..). This means that there are a limited amount of spots for all of us independent record labels and artists to fight for. It’s becoming harder and harder.

Luckily, there are thousands of fantastic independently curated playlists with large followings that can help good music get the exposure it deserves. These playlists are still responsible for a large proportion of peoples listening activity on Spotify and the other streaming platforms.

Independent curation is vital for the long-term success of the indie music industry, it’s important that we don’t allow all the power to be taken away from us.

In recent months, it’s become harder than ever for independent playlisters to grow their following. We have taken it upon ourselves to build our own system for playlist discovery and growth in the hope that we can make a difference to the independent music community.

We have created a new section of our website devoted to giving independent Spotify playlists the extra exposure they need. In this section, you can discover new playlists by genre, check out our trending playlist chart and directly submit music to Spotify curators. 

In order to send the Spotify curator music, we will ask you to follow their playlist and their profile so that they can continue to grow and to support great music like yours. We think this is a small price to pay for getting your music to the tastemakers that matter.

How Our Spotify Playlist Submission System Works


  1. Spotify curators add their playlists to the website by clicking here.
  2. Artists discover playlists on the Soundplate Website.

  3. Artists hit the ‘Submit to this playlist button’ and get taken to a page like this, where they can submit music to the Spotify playlist of their choice.
  4. Curators receive the music (and a new follower) and decide which tracks to add to their playlists.


Artists get access to playlists. Curators get new followers and exposure for their playlists.

The power of the independent curator’s increases!

Everyone wins. (apart from the majors.. Sorry!)


Can I Submit My Music To Spotify Playlists Now?


Go and discover some brilliant playlists by clicking here and get submitting!

or click here if you want to grow your Spotify playlist using our new system.