Event Review: Hï Ibiza Opening Party 2017

Hï Ibiza 2017 Review: We went to the opening party of Ibiza’s newest super club..


The comparisons to Space will always be there. They have to be. Without Space, Ibiza wouldn’t be what it is today and as the island changes and adjusts has the opportunity to become its beacon.
On entering there is an immediate difference – gone are the queues round the sprawling car park, entry was painless and friendly.
Inside has been split into two different sections – The Theatre and The Club.
The Club is the smaller of the two and lends itself to a darker and more underground tone of music the ceilings are pushed lower than before and the DJ booth is at eye level. The crowd feel connected with those around them and the techno sounds emanating from Bas Ibellini really set the tone for that area will offer.
We moved for a comfort break in the toilets and this is where the evening took a turn for the ridiculous – rather than just have cubicles the whole toilet area is another club fit with DJ booth, disco lights and a pumping sound system. It’s quite extraordinary that this set up works in the manner that it does and it is ballsy from the team at Ushuaia.

The Theatre is just that. Pure spectacle – the light system is absolutely phenomenal and those around us were clearly taken back by the sheer scale that Hi had to offer. Yes, the VIP sections are bigger and yes perhaps this a wider problem for Ibiza, but take nothing away from Hï here because the music is at the clubs core. Kolsch entered and played a triumphant set into the early hours smashes like ‘Grey’ and ‘De Alte’ sounding atmospheric as they rose out of the sublime speaker system. Air cannons and confetti bombarded us in the crowd as hands continually reached towards the sky…


Find out more about Hï here.


Words By: Tom Wiltshire


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