Highly Rated Playlist Curators on Soundplate – Chosen by you!

Submit music to Spotify playlists that artists have rated as the best.

Thousands of Spotify playlist curators use Soundplate to manage their playlist submissions.

Finding the best playlists to submit your music to can be tricky, and running a good playlist takes a lot of work.

We wanted to shine a light on some of the brilliant playlist curators you can submit to on Soundplate so we had a deep dive into the feedback data we have collected over the past couple of months to put together a list of great curators.


How we decided who the high rated playlist curators are..

Every time we send an email to an artist letting them know they have been added to a playlist, we invite the artist to leave some feedback on their experience with the playlist curator and how they feel about the playlist they were added to.

We have been analyzing the feedback data and have picked out a selection of playlists by curators who received a high number of positive feedback in past few months.

This list has nothing to do with the amount of followers, the amount of streams or anything like that. It’s purely based on the number of positive comments and ratings the playlist curators have received by the artists submitting their music to playlists on Soundplate.

So essentially, these playlist curators were chosen by you!


How to find playlists to submit your music to on Soundplate

New playlists are added to Soundplate every day. You can find thousands of playlists to submit your music to, here. You can filter these by genre or use the search bar for more specific results.

Before you can submit, you will automatically follow the playlist curator and their playlist. The whole system is completly free!

If you are a playlist curator and want to add your playlist to Soundplate, click here.


Highly Rated Playlists on Soundplate

The playlists below have had a high number of positive feedback from artists in the past 3 months (Date of publicaiton: November 20th 2022).

Congratulations to all the playlist curators featured in the list below!

These playlists are not listed in any particular order!



How do you become a highly rated playlist curator on Soundplate?

First, of course, you have to add a playlist to Soundplate. 

If your playlist is accepted, artists will start to submit their music to you. Every time you add one of these songs to your playlist, they will have the chance to leave feedback about your playlist approval.

The playlists with the most positive feedback will be featured in articles like this and will get more exposure on the Soundplate website.



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