How Many Playlists Are There On Spotify? (and other Spotify stats)

We dive into some mind-blowing Spotify statistics and facts!

It’s hard to comprehend just how big Spotify is and how many playlists are on Spotify, in this post, we dig into some of the data. To make it easy I’ve split the post into sections so you can find the Spotify stats and facts you are looking for!


Spotify User Numbers & Market Share Statistics 2021

Spotify is the biggest music streaming platform in the world.

Recent data suggests Spotify has 32-34% market share of the music streaming industry.

Spotify has more than 356 Million total users and 158 Million+ paying subscribers. (as as March 31, 2021).

That’s a lot of people listening to a lot of music!


Exactly how much music is on Spotify?

There are over 70 million songs on Spotify, with 60,000+ new songs added every day!

With all that music, organizing it becomes quite the task, that’s where playlists come in…


How many playlists are there on Spotify?

There are more than 4 billion user-curated playlists on Spotify!

Yes.. you read that right 4 billion playlists! 

There are also more than 3000 official Spotify editorial playlists.


What else do we know about Spotify’s editorial playlists?

We analyzed the latest edition of New Music Friday with our free playlist analyzer tool:

There were 100 tracks in the playlist and average track duration on New Music Friday is: 03:12



What is the most popular music genre on Spotify?

Spotify doesn’t make this statistic publically available but Drake is the all-time most popular artist on the platform and a recent report on Statista suggests that Hip-Hop/R&B was the most popular genre across all the major streaming platforms in 2020:

Most popular genres on Streaming Platforms in 2020

  1. Hip-Hop / R&B – 31%
  2. Rock – 15.6%
  3. Pop – 13.1%
  4. Country – 7.1%
  5. Latin – 6%
  6. EDM/Dance – 3.3%


Thousands of playlist curators manage their music submissions on Soundplate. The most popular genres for these playlists are listed below:

Most popular genres by playlists added to Soundplate.

  1. House / Electronic playlists*
  2. HipHop / Rap playlists
  3. Pop / Commercial playlists
  4. Rock / Indie playlists
  5. Chill / Ambient playlists
  6. Chillhop / Lofi / Beats playlists 

Click here to add your playlist to Soundplate.

*It’s worth noting that Soundplate started life as an electronic music record label so that may explain why there are more house / electronic playlists on the platform.


How to get on Spotify playlists

There are two main types of Spotify playlists you can pitch your music for:

Editorial playlists:

These are the official Spotify playlists curated by the Spotify editorial team. To submit your music you need to sign up for a free account on Spotify For Artists and pitch your song at least a week before it is released.

User Curated playlists:

These are playlists created by independent playlist curators, record labels, and fans on Spotify. You can submit your music for free on Soundplate.  Alternatively, you can reach out the playlist curators on social media or by email.

Submit music for Spotify playlists here.

You can also use music smart links to encourage your fans to add your music to their playlists by including special ‘add-to-playlist’ action buttons on your music links.




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