How to test different music marketing channels with Soundplate Clicks

Analyze your marketing tactics with Soundplate Clicks Smart Links

This post is about an advanced feature on Soundplate Clicks. If you are just getting started with music smart links, we suggest you check out this guide first!


If you would prefer to watch a video about this instead of reading, the choice is yours!


We are pleased to introduce you to this brand new feature for pro users of Soundplate Clicks


If you are already a Soundplate Clicks member you will be familiar with the stats and analytics shown for your smart links on the dashboard page and in the analytics section.

We have now taken our reporting a step further and allow you to track the results of specific advertising campaigns, marketing tactics or split tests using PromoID urls. 


We have always shown you which social media sites refer the most traffic to your smart links but now, you can now get even more granular data. For example, find out if your Instagram story is driving more or less traffic to your music than the link in your bio, or which Facebook adverts are working best for your music. 


Here’s how it works, first you will need to generate a special ‘PromoID’ url for each advert or channel you wish to track. To do this head to the detailed stats page for your smart link. 


Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you reach this section.


Hit the ‘Create PromoID’ button and name your campaign – for example: ‘Facebook Story Advert 1′ then click create. Now simply click copy the new link you have just created and use this copied url to create your advert.

Repeat this process for each advert or channel you wish to track.

After your promotion has started, come back to the detailed stats page and you will be able to see a breakdown of how many users each campaign has delivered to your link.

This feature is particularly useful when you are planning to split test adverts or run a number of different campings from the same marketing channel. If you have any questions on this or need help getting it set up please contact us using the support form in the Soundplate Clicks dashboard.