Love Regenerator (Calvin Harris) – ‘Love Regenerator 1’ | Featured Music

Why were we surprised? Deep down we all knew Calvin Harris had this in his locker. The man from Scotland who has gone from MySpace to Miami. His name is synonymous with dance music and now he seems to be re-invigorating the rave.


The opening roll of Hypnagogic entices you, a female vocal drenched in nostalgia screams ‘I can’t wait for love.’ As soon as the piano kicks in we are both taken forward and backwards at once – a summer of love long forgotten but also one that could be coming? A new horizon for Harris and us…


In times of deep uncertainty and division this is an injection of hope and unity. CP-1 may sound darker and harsher, bathed in warehouse techno but there is something deeply joyful about it. The breakdown with it’s repetitive ‘got to be something that you feel’ seemingly could become a mantra for our times. To feel, to come together and to dance.


This may not be the Calvin Harris record your were expecting but it’s the one you need.


Words By: Tom Wiltshire