A Guide To Music Industry Internships

Want to work in the music industry, maybe an internship is your next move!

Music Industry Internships are one of the fastest ways to get your start in the industry. While they are competitive, they can be your key to landing a music industry job. There are a few things to keep in mind as you apply, in this post we look a little closer at life as a music intern!


What Are The Advantages/Drawbacks of Being A Music Industry?

Like any internship, there are pros and cons to consider when you move in as an intern in the music industry.


Music internships open a number of networking doors and give you the opportunity to meet industry professionals, these connections can be invaluable as you move up your career ladder. As an intern, you will be front and center in the action, often required to attend different functions, gigs for signed talent, or meetings within the music company where you are working.

As you meet these industry professionals, you learn the day in and out routine of the music industry, understanding everything from language to how the company is managed from behind the scenes, providing valuable knowledge and experience.

While there is no guarantee of a music industry job after completing an internship, if you impress you have a much higher chance of getting a full-time role, and even if the offer does not come, you will have some great experience on your CV that you can talk about in future job interviews.


Being an intern in the music industry does have a couple of major drawbacks, however.

The first requirement of any intern is to be readily available. This means that the working hours for an intern can be really long and can require a commitment that is hard to meet if you are also trying to juggle academics.

The pay for music interns often does not match the work requirements that they are given. The pay (if paid at all) is often a minimum wage, or just enough to cover your expenses. It is often nowhere near the pay of the executives and full-time employees that you will be interning for during your time at the company.

What Are Music Companies Looking For in Potential Interns?

While the drawback to music internships is both lower pay and long hours, executives in the music industry are looking for individuals who are committed and willing to take on the work because of their passion for the industry. Record company internships require great work ethic and interns who are able to keep up with the demand. Long hours are held by almost everyone in the record industry, so having an intern who is willing to work at weird hours and be available for after-hours functions is ideal for an intern.

Experience isn’t necessary to get your first music industry internship but you will have to be able to demonstrate your passion for music / the area of the industry you are interested in. For example, if you are applying for an A&R role, you will need to be able to show off your music knowledge. Or if you are applying for an internship with a booking agent, you may need to talk about the live sector and demonstrate your knowledge of the local live music scene.


Why A Music Industry Internship A Good Idea and What To Expect..

While some drawbacks are scary regarding music internships, it is still a great idea to take on this opportunity to move forward in your music career. While you can study music, business, and other aspects of the industry in the classroom, there is invaluable information available in an internship where you are able to experience firsthand how the system works and is operated.

You can expect one of the music internships out there to give you an insight that the classroom cannot. How you feel about the industry after you have your internship will help you with knowing which area of the industry you are most interested in and how you need to move forward with your career.


How do I find Music Industry Internships?

Most of the big music companies (major labels, booking agents, music technology companies etc) will run internship programs throughout the year and you will be able to find information about the application process on their websites. You can find a list of music industry companies here.


You can also search for music industry jobs including internships on Soundplate Jobs. We post new music industry opportunities including many internships on Soundplate Jobs every day!