Noiiz Launches New Cloud-Based Tool for Music Producers

“The Spotify of Samples, Loops and Presets” goes live.

New start-up Noiiz has launched and could be a game-changer for dance music producers.
The subscription service gives producers instant access to unlimited royatly=free samples, loops and presets.
In this post we find out a little more about it and how it works..

What Is Noiiz

Noiiz is a brand new subscription platform for music producers, which offers unlimited downloads from a huge collection of royalty free loops, samples and synthesiser preset.


How Does Noiiz Work?

Uniquely, Noiiz users can use the world’s first cloud-connected plugin. The plugin allows subscribers to check out sounds in time and in key with their music, then drag and drop right into their project. Alternatively, users can download packs, playlists or individual files from the Noiiz website.


How Much Does a Noiiz Subscription Cost?

Unlimited Yearly plans are available from $99 per year or get a 1GB Monthly plan for just $9.99 per month. Users get access to more than $10,000 worth of content for their monthly subscription.

What Does The Future Hold For Noiiz?

Noiiz have hinted at more new types of content beyond samples and presets, new creators/content developers, new plugins and new industry partnerships. More details to be announced soon.

We think Noiiz has some great potential for producers and we are interested to see how they can take cloud-connecting music-making to the next level. Find out more about Noiiz by heading to their website.