6 Tips For Performing Music Live On Stage

Performance tips for live music

Live music is back! If you are planning to take the stage this post is packed full of tips for performing music live on stage.


If there is one thing musicians of all levels have in common, it’s the pre-show jitters. Whether you’re selling out Madison Square Garden or performing live at your first open mic, preparing for a show is both stressful and exhilarating. It doesn’t matter how great you are behind closed doors because once you take the stage, you become more than a musician. You become a performer.  The audience is looking for an incredible experience, and your job is to blow their minds.

Here are the top six performance tips to knock your next show out of the park!


Practice. Practice. Practice.

It may sound simple, but the number one key to a successful performance is arriving ready to rock. There is nothing like performing music live on stage, so it is crucial to come prepared. But, don’t just practice your songs for the sake of practicing. Instead, practice like you are performing. Study the notes, familiarize yourself with the setlist, and visualize your performance. Practice just as hard on your own as you do with your band. If you live your passion for music, it easily translates to the stage!


Confidence is Key For Performing Music Live on Stage

It doesn’t matter how successful you are as an artist. Everyone gets nervous before a big performance. What matters is how it affects you. You ever hear the phrase “fake it till you make it”? It works! Walk out on that stage like you’ve done it thousands of times, even if it’s your first performance.

Always keep in mind that you don’t know who might be watching, even if the show is quiet that record label A&R, booking agent or manager might be tucked away in a corner checking you out so always give your best performance even if it feels like no one is listening!


Don’t stop playing if you make a mistake on stage

There is nothing worse than when an artist or band that’s rocking the stage suddenly stops playing. Stopping for a mistake disrupts the flow of the entire performance and kills the vibe. Odds are the audience didn’t even notice the mishap! But, if they did, they will quickly forget as long as you keep the music going.

Understand the Venue

Arrive at your show a few hours before for a proper soundcheck! Each venue has its own acoustics and stage setup. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the layout of the venue so you can adjust your sound and performance accordingly.


The Party Can Wait

Surrounded by all the chaos and excitement, it’s  tempting to join the party and start drinking before you hit the stage. Music and partying often go hand in hand, but you don’t want to be that artist who can’t handle themselves on stage. It’s better to keep your mind clear and save the partying for when your performance is over!



Live Performances are a Great Advert For Your Recorded Music. Plan your call-to-action!

When you have the attention of the audience, use it to further your music career. Ask the audience to follow you on social media, tag you in a photo or even presave your song.

If you are selling merch or displaying any visuals in the venue use Soundplate Clicks to create a QR code for your music. Display this code and direct your fans to your smart link where they can hear your music!

Also keep in mind that every live show is an opportunity to create new content for your social media, fans love to see behind the scenes, clips of live performances or even just a glimpse of life on tour!




Hopefully these tips will help you give a brilliant performance next time you are live on stage!

Good luck.



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