Playlist & Album Cover Dimensions – Guide

Everything you need to know about music cover size

Music is often judged by its artwork before it’s ever heard, having good artwork can be the difference between someone checking out your music and skipping past it.

Getting your album cover dimensions right is an essential step, in this post we give you all the important numbers you need to know!


What are the dimensions of an album cover?


Music Cover Dimensions:

Album covers for Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc must be:

  • At least 1000x1000px ( 3000x3000px is ideal!)
  • Perfectly Square – (1:1 ratio)
  • A high-resolution JPG file
  • RGB color space


Covers may be rejected by the DSPs if:

  • They contain nudity or anything offensive
  • Unlicensed images or copyrighted material
  • Streaming service logos
  • Words like ‘exclusive’ or ‘Limited Editon’
  • Any website URL or social media handle


What are the dimensions of a playlist cover?


Spotify Playlist Cover Dimensions

  • A minimum of 400x400px
  • Max size 4mb
  • Perfectly Square (1:1) ratio
  • JPG file
  • Should not contain copyrighted material, images you do not have permission to use.
  • Should not contain the Spotify logo or try to copy their in-house style
  • It’s recommended that your logo should only be in the top-left corner of the artwork and the playlist title should be in the middle of the cover in a clear, easy-to-read font.



Quickly create cover art (for free):

We have built a simple and free album cover maker where you can create beautiful music covers for playlists and songs. This to help playlist curators and artists create better pack-shots for their music and is completely free to use (no sign-up required).

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Once you have created some beautiful artwork for your playlist, learn how to change the title & artwork on your Spotify playlist.

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