This week’s interview & mix comes from Sante Sansone!

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Download This Mix Tacklist
Hi Sante, great to have you here! How are you?

Hello guys! I’m fine and thank you for your invite.. it’s a pleasure for me talking about me and my music!
We love your new release on Lapsus Music! You’ve had a few releases on Lapsus over the past couple years. What is your relationship with the label, how did this come about?

Lapsus Music isn’t only my management and label but it’s like a family! Supernova has discovered me 2 years ago and with them I’m building my career. They are my mentor and I hope to improve myself step by step with this fantastic family!
You’re a young producer who seems to be making waves at the moment. How does it feel to have your productions released on prestigious labels such as Lapsus and Materialism?

It’s a dream come true for me! I worked hard day after day to create music always better; and it’s an honor when the best artists of the‘’electronic’’ scene select my tracks that for them sets or labels!
What inspired you to start producing and DJing? ——

At the beginning I played a lot in my room and in some little parties with my friends; the passion began very fast and after some times I started to play in a lot of clubs near my town! I remember that the first time I’ve played in one big club was when I had 15 years old: I did the warm up for Marco Faraone and before he started to play, Marco hugged me and congratulated me on my set. That time I’ve understood I could be a DJ like the tops pf the line. This is my dream!
The scene in southern Italy is huge. Is it hard competing with other young artists to get your music out there and signed?

In Southern Italy there are a lot of young djs, so it is not easy to stand out, but we have a lot of huge and beautiful clubs in the area, so if you play your cards right you can play in some of the best clubs in the world! Regarding the production I’ve a lot of friends who are very very strong producers; all together we create the sounds of clubs.
What artists would you say are your main influences?

There are a lots of great names that have influenced my music. Among the many artists I like I can mention Moodyman, Ben Sims, Robert Hood, Marco Carola, Supernova, Sidney Charles, Santè. Each one of them were and are an example of deejay & producer who has contribute to create me and my music style.
Your music is high octane and rolling? What is your studio set up to produce such tracks?

My studio is in continue evolution, every week or month I buy new instrument or vst in order to keep my sound always fresh and ‘’fashion’’. My favorite choice were the vst Predator for the bassline, the synth Roland 303 and for the drum I usually use the kit 909 by the machine! I also use a lot of vintage samples found from my vinyl’s collection of Disco and 90s House!
You were recently in London in September. How did you enjoy playing there?

London for me is one of the best cities in Europe where one dj can play! There are a lot of great clubs and the people are accustomed to listen the best djs of the underground scene, so playing in London is every time a fantastic experience.
Will 2017 see more tour dates for yourself?

We are working about my next gigs.. I will be back in London, Germany and I hope in Spain also this year for the Sonar Off.
Are there more Sante Sansone releases cooking in the studio that we should be excited about?

Yes of course, I’ve some new great tunes signed by some great labels! more info soon..
What does the future hold for Sante Sansone?

I don’t know what the future holds for me by now.. I want to think about my present: producing and playing in order to be one of the protagonists of the underground and electronic scene in the future!
Sante’s ‘Street Stuff’ Ep is out now on Lapsus Music
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