Soundplate Trends – Week 1.

Welcome the first ‘Soundplate Trends’ feature! Soundplate Trends is where you can find what we think is ‘Going Up’ and what we think is ‘Going Down’ in electronic music, fashion, events and life in general! Check out this weeks trends below and please don’t hesitate to leave your opinions in the comments section below!



The Who Sampled App. has long been a favorite website of ours.. You know the feeling when you hear a tune on the radio, recognize the the sample but can’t for the life of you work out where it’s from. Well that’s were Who Sampled come in and help you find out where samples come from. Now their incredible service is available on your smart-phone. Whats more it will scan your entire music library and find associated remixes, samples and covers with each song and even listen to the tracks side by side on Youtube! Clever right!

Find out more and get the app here:

UK Music Sales:

Music Week have today reported that the UK’s number one single will top 100,000 sales for the third consecutive week this Sunday. Admitidly the music at the top of the charts is pretty shit at the moment (With the notable exception of Rudimentals ‘Feel the Love’ four weeks ago) but it’s a good sign for music in general and a positive sign that people still want to pay for music.

Read the full music week article


Dibby Dibby Sound T-Shirts:

To celebrate the release of DJ Q’s EP, Dibby Dibby Sound, independent clothing company Hannywear got together with Toddla T’s record label, Girls Music to create these cool T-shirts! We are big fans of good quality merchandise and these are a great example! Buy yours now using the link below –

Click here to Buy a T-Shirt


Ridiculous Tour Riders.

If you were a world famous DJ, what would you ask promoters to provide for you? T-Shirts? Champagne? a three-man rubber dinghy? We can see the fun in making a crazy rider and you know.. like they say if you don’t ask you don’t get but all this weeks rider business has got a little out of hand and embarrassing to all involved now! If you have no idea what we are going on about go and Google Steve Aoki’s tour rider and see what you think!


Rhianna T-shirts…

Possibly the most played out fashion item in the world right now.. Walk down Brick Lane or head to pretty much any London club and your more than likely to bump into at least one ‘Swagged Out’ dude in a T-shirt that has a print of Rhianna face on it. Can we leave it alone now?!


That’s it for this week – look out for more things we are rating and hating next week!