Submit Music To Deezer Playlists on Soundplate

We have added Deezer support to our playlist submission system.

Thousands of artists love using our Spotify playlist submission system. 

We are constantly tweaking our platform and building new tools for artists and music curators.

In recent weeks we have added some awesome new features including the ability to analyze Spotify tracks and playlists to make sure the music you are submitting is relevant to the curators.

We also added some extra features to block spammers and lock out people abusing the system to make it more effective for everyone and made the submission system faster than ever.

This morning we started to roll our latest big addition..



You Can Now Submit Music For Deezer Playlists on Soundplate!

We have been planning to roll this out for a while now and it’s finally here!

We always tell artists not to rely too heavily on one platform and to work on their promotion/marketing across all streaming and social media platforms but until now we only allowed Spotfy playlisters to utilise our playlist submission system and artists could only submit music to Spotify playlists.

You can now find all of your favourite official Soundplate playlists on Deezer. 

Browse our playlists and submit your music now.



Which Deezer Playlists Can I Submit My Music To Right Now?

Right now, you can submit music to any of the official Soundplate playlists for free.

Over the next few days we will be rolling our Deezer support to more playlist curators on Soundplate and soon you will be able to submit music to hundreds of Deezer playlists right here on – this service, as always will be totally free for all artists!