The Truth Behind How Spotify Got It’s Name

How a simple mistake turned into the brand name of an 8 billion dollar company..

The Swedish music streaming service, Spotify has been a huge part in the changing landscape of the music industry. The service now boasts over 150 million paying subscribers and is thought to have a total of more than 300 million active users. It’s fair to say that Spotify is leading the streaming revolution and changing the way we all listen to music but how did it end up being called Spotify in the first place?

The official ‘meaning’ or ‘story’ behind the name is that it stems from the words SPOT and IDENTIFY but in truth this story was fabricated after the name had already been decided on. Spotify founder Daniel EK has revealed that the name was actually the result of a happy mistake..

In truth the co-founders of Spotify were sitting in Daniel’s Stockholm flat trying to think of a catchy name for their new music streaming start-up idea. After tossing around various names and even trying online ‘jargon-generators’, Martin Lorentzon (the other co-founder of Spotify), shouted an idea for a name and Daniel mis-heard what he said..

What Daniel heard (wrong) was ‘SPOTIFY’. The pair then Googled the word to make sure the domain names were available and no one else was using the name. They then quickly went ahead and registered the name. Now 11 years later, that name is intrinsically connected with music and the company is worth more than $8 Billion.

Isn’t it amazing what can come from a simple mistake? Many music producers and artists credit much of their best work to experimenting and making mistakes. I know a lot of the progress we have made at Soundplate Records has been a direct result of mistakes we have made along the way. Don’t be scared of making mistakes, embrace them and learn from them. You never know where they might lead.

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Source: Daniel EK on Quora