These 5 Mind-Blowing Spotify Statistics Show Just How Fast The Music Streaming Market Is Growing!

The major labels are now making more than $150 / second from music streaming.

This post is from 2017, if you want some fresh data check out:
How Many Playlists Are There On Spotify? (and other Spotify stats)

Paid music streaming services are fast becoming the most popular way to consume music. With Spotify continuing to lead the charge, Apple Music continuing to grow and other strong rivals like Deezer and Amazon Music Unlimited all reporting growth the market is stronger than ever.

If you are making or marketing music, Spotify promotion needs to be a big part of your marketing strategy.

Anyway, check out these crazy statistics which show just how big the music streaming market is now getting!

Spotify now has more listeners than Radio 1

(source: Music Business Worldwide)

Spotify is now valued at around 13 Billion Dollars

(source: Reuters)

The major labels are now making more than $150 / second from music streaming.

(source: Music Business Worldwide)

Spotify now has more than 50 million paid users and close to 100m total users

(source: @Spotify)

There are now more than 2 Billion Spotify Playlists

(source: Spotify Press)

Oh, and just in case you thought the streaing market didn’t include you.. We have one more stat for you:

There are currently 12 billion Electronic music monthly streams on Spotify

(source: IMS Business Report 2017)

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