Video: Watch Inf & Fletcher Reed in the studio making their new single, ‘Turtle’s Pace’

Watch the video for Inf & Fletcher Reed – ‘Turtle’s Pace’ now

Stream/download the full single here.

In their first collaboration, Inf & Fletcher Reed offer up a notably gazey, bittersweet song that plays on a hint at optimism in these difficult and crazy times. There’s a gust of relaxation and a touch of delicate but melancholy vibes. With twinkling, lo-fi cymbal splashes and tender, swelling keys, Turtles Pace lets you kick back, and adjust to a calmer way of life. The 2 producers blend sounds to create an enduring consistency. Reed has a commitment to ambient beats, upon which Inf sprinkles his signature melodic, moody groove.

Watch the video above for a behind-the-scenes look at how it all came together in the studio!


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