Want to put your music into your fans calendars for release day and remind them when it’s out?

Introducing ‘Music Reminders’ on Soundplate Cicks

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Music pre-saves have become an important part of pre-release music marketing. At Soundplate Clicks we have been thinking about how we can make them more effective and more powerful than ever. With this in mind we plan to release some new features to improve your normal Spotify pre-save campaign. The first of which is now available for all users of Soundplate Clicks, for free!


Introducing Music Reminders.

Most people use a digital calendar to organise their work and personal life. You can now ask your fans to add a reminder for your next music release to this calendar using Soundplate Clicks.

Music Reminders work for everyone, no matter where in the world the listen from, which music service they listen on or which calendar app they prefer.

They are designed to be an active reminder to your fans to listen to your music. Pre-saves add music to your fans libraries but they don’t prompt them to listen. It’s time to change that!


How Does it Work

When users visit your pre-save link they will be given all the normal options to pre-save your song on Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer. Just below that, a new option will show to ‘set a release reminder’. Your fan simply selects the calendar app they use and a reminder will be set on their calendar to listen to your song on release day. Whats more, the reminder will include a link back to your music smart link to make it super easy for your fans!

Release day reminders on Soundplate Clicks
Release day reminders on Soundplate Clicks



How do I set this up for my next Pre-Save Campaign

It’s free and couldn’t be easier. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up for a free Soundplate Clicks Account
  2.  Create a new link
  3. Set the release date to a day in the future.
  4.  Activate the pre-save and release day reminders options further down the page (no links are required) – you should also upload your artwork etc.
  5. Promote your link, users can now pre-save your music or add the release date to their calendars.
  6.  On release day or anytime before come back and enter the public Spotify/ Apple Music link and anyone who has pre-saved will get your music. Your reminders will automatically set up with no further action needed from you!Still confused about how to set up a pre-save? Watch this video!



What are the Key Benefits to Release Day Reminders?


Release day reminders are an active prompt to your fans to listen to your music.

Release day reminders do not require your fans to connect to any third-party app.

Release day reminders work no matter which platform your fan prefers.

Release day reminders are FREE and easy to set up with Soundplate Clicks.

Release day reminders work with all common calendar apps Apple, Google Calendar, Outlook, etc

Get started with Soundplate Clicks now for free. The ultimate marketing tool for creating music smart links.