Watch The Official Video For Cole Alan’s New Single, ‘When The World Was Young’

Cole Alan – ‘When The World Was Young’ official video.

Watch the video for Cole Alan – ‘When The World Was Young’ now:

´When The World Was Young´ is the second single from the Stages EP from Cole Alan, the artist best known for his work in Opia, amassing 81 million streams across the indie electronic band’s catalogue in the last 4 years.

´When The World Was Young´ takes a playful piano melody, with Cole´s bittersweet vocals reminiscing about a more innocent past that is disappearing with the dangers humanity faces. As the track builds, layers of strings add a deep and powerful atmosphere to the nostalgic track to craft a delicate pop single in Cole´s inimitable singer songwriter style.

After success with Opia, Cole has gone on to become a prolific hit writer for artists such as Zayn, Louis Tomlinson and Backstreet Boys amongst others. This is his first solo release taking the pop style he has been writing in and applying it to his unique voice. After making it through a hard battle with his mental health, he felt empowered to write about life’s big themes including the power of loss and love.

Over the last year Cole has developed a TikTok fanbase of almost 100k followers and millions of views with original songs, with content ranging from serious posts about mental health to writing a song using phrases on Taco Bell hot sauce packets!


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