What Are The Most Popular Genres of Music on Soundcloud?

And which cities are the most creative? Soundcloud reveal the answers..
It’s still January and Soundcloud have already been in the music press a lot in 2017. With rumours of takeovers, high profile copyright disputes and news of their shaky financials it’s fair to say it hasn’t all been positive. However, Soundcloud remains one of the leading sources of music online and is still the go-to place to discover new artists and to find bootlegs and tracks that are not on the major streaming platforms.
If you have ever wondered how important the music you love is to the platform, this article might just give you some answers. Soundcloud have revealed some statistics from last year (2016) on their platform.
Both ‘House’ and ‘Electronic’ feature in the five most popular genres. This really goes to show how important dance music is to the Berlin based platform and what a good time it is for electronic music.
Another interesting bit of information they have shared is the cities that are driving the most creativity. It’s no surprise to us that London, LA and New York feature high up in the list but it’s also noteworthy that other cities like Hanoi, Jakarta and Lima have made the list.
Check out the infogram below to find out more, including the most popular album on Soundcloud, popular tracks and more from 2016. As great as dance music was on Soundcloud in 2016, it seems like Hiphop wins this time..

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