What is an EP and How is it Different from an LP Album?

EP vs LP – Whats the difference?

As a music fan or artist, you no doubt hear the term EP or LP all the time, but what do those letters actually mean?!


What is an EP?

An EP is somewhere between a single and the album. It includes a few songs but it is nowhere near as long as an album (LP). The average listening time for an EP today is about 20 to 30 minutes, although it was much shorter in the past. EPs are a great way for artists to release quality music faster, since they do not have to spend as much time making an EP than an album.


What Does EP Stand for?

EP is short forExtended Play.” Although the word “extended” makes it sound as if it were longer than “long play”, it’s not.

The “extended” referred to a different speed that a vinyl record needed to be played. An EP needed to be played at 45 rpm. In recent years, digital music platforms like iTunes and Spotify refer to any collection of four to six songs as an EP.



What is an Album (LP)?

Albums or LPs are collections of many songs, usually eight or more, on one unit of sale. In the old days, an album meant a vinyl record album played at 33 1/3 rpm. Later on, it became a catch-all term for CDs or digital albums. There are many albums released that never appear on vinyl.


What Does LP Stand for?

LP stands for “Long Play”. Way before streaming and downloads, records came out in two formats – the single and the collection of songs or album. Since an album was longer than a single, it was called Long Play. Double LPs were two records of songs in one package.


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