What to buy a DJ for Christmas – DJ Gift Guide 2019

The DJ Christmas Gift Guide 2019!

It’s that time of year where we’re all starting to scour the stores for great ideas for Christmas presents, but what if you want to buy something niche for a DJ or artist?

If you are looking for the ultimate Christmas gift for your favourite DJ, here, we have a few ideas.



Although you think your friend or loved one may already have a good set of headphones, they can quickly wear down when they have seen lots of gigs. Our top pick are the Sennheiser HD 25’s priced at around $149.99 with a split headband is comfortable and excellent quality. Based on the legendary DJ headphones design, they are top of the range with maximum sound pressure ideal for professional and personal use. If you want some more options check our full guide to the best DJ Headphones.

Buy These Headphones

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 DJ Controller

If you’re thinking of buying a DJ controller, you have lots of choices! However this Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 DJ Controller has so many good reviews on Amazon, and we rate it too. I has an intuitive layout meaning everything is where you need it when you need it. This would be an excellent present for a DJ that needs a new DJ controller or is just starting to build their kit up.


A USB Flash Drive

Every DJ needs a good USB sticks for all their music storage needs. This virtually indestructible flash drive from Corsair is one of the most durable on the market for the reasonable price of £23.99 with 64GB memory, and works very quickly – ideal when they’re busy playing a gig. For more options check out our full guide – the best USB Drives for DJ’s.


A Dongle Dangler!

If your DJ has an iPhone, they need a dongle dangler! It’s the perfect companion for your DJ’s headphone jack. It allows you to keep your dongle on your keychain and never lose it and at under $10 it makes an ideal stocking filler for any of your DJ friends.


A quiet book…

Everyone needs a bit of quiet time, especially those busy DJs that have the loud late nights; they can have a bit of me-time with one of these books perfect for the DJ in your life. The Hacienda: How Not To Run a Club is a very entertaining book full of mistakes and risky business endeavours that have happened in the music industry or How to DJ (Properly): The Art And Science Of Playing Records. Both of these books look good for any aspiring DJs, but this one has been around a little longer, and is an easy to understand book, making it perfect for any new DJ that is ready to learn those all-important skills.


Stocking Fillers 

There are loads of quirky little stocking filler gifts that you can pick up for under £20 like this funny T-Shirt “Born to DJ forced to work” or this ceramic coffee mug and coaster set that looks like a DJ deck. Whatever you choose, if you go off the list above, we’re sure your DJ friend will love their DJ gift!