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Robosonic deliver an hour of top tunes for The Soundplate Mix Series!
Download This Mix Full Tracklist

Download This Mix Full Tracklist
For those who don’t know you already, briefly introduce yourself & tell us where you are from..

Sure, my name is Cord Labuhn, representing Robosonic. A duo found in Berlin years ago. Since my partner Sacha Robotti moved to LA some time ago, mostly I took care of the projects appearance like by playing a ton of shows and keep in touch with the people. We’ve been releasing club music over the last ten years through label structures like Defected, Diynamic, Toolroom, Stil vor Talent, Nervous, Yoshitoshi and some of our most hiphop infused house records on Simma Black and OFF Recordings in their heyday. So that’s where we’re coming from.
Tell us a little about what to expect to hear in this mix, who are some of the featured artists that are you are excited about right now?

This mix begins with ‘Nuts’ our collaboration with Klangkuenstler, which is brand new and just got released on Mother Recordings. That sets the tone right away, it’s a club set, recorded in a Berlin club though late at night. Playful, spontaneous, evolving. Traumer is a french guy I really like for his crisp sound & groove aesthetics. „This ain’t Bristol“ is just the hottest label from the least popular city called Hannover, Dirtybird’s Ardalan is one of Sachas affiliates on his Westcoast mission, I haven’t met him so far, but I’m a big fan of his music. Andhim is just the sausage love affair everyone seems to agree on, and as i’m sitting in the German Winter right now i have to say they nailed that mood with their track on their new Superfriends label.

What advice would you give to aspiring DJs & producers?

Be brave. Mostly: be creative and real. Produce things that work in your set, but do something different, this is what I personally find exciting. A surprise and unique element. DJing means freedom to me, not so much genre barriers and clichés. Once you stand for a certain sound and you are popular for a very particular type of music, you may reconsider and ask for further advice. But in fact I never stopped learning and experimenting, so also I take advice from others all the time.
What do you have coming up over the next few months? (gigs, releases etc)

Now after ‘Nuts’ on Mother Recordings and my hiphop-house-hybrid ‘With Nuts’ featuring the legendary NYC rap crew The Beatnuts, there is a remix coming. Milk & Sugar celebrate their classic house hit ‘Higher and Higher’ with a Robosonic version, which was actually the first transatlantic production Sacha and me managed to finish together between LA and Berlin. Crew Love will release remixes for Soul Clap’s ‘Timespent’. In both a Robosonic Dub and a Cord Labuhn version…

There is a video of ‘Drowning’ feat. Son Little on Get Physical, which will come as a whole remix EP with a wonderful set of new interpretations…

Sacha has a dope remix on Nervous coming and is touring the US. And besides all that I’m excited to release a mixtape with only sleep music (‘Sleep Out’), and a series of hiphop-inspired stoner beats, a few rap tunes and some more ‘Outtakes’…

Where can people find out more about you and your music?

Well, there are plenty of’ll find your gateway:

if you want to follow us individually check our Cord Labuhn and Sacha Robotti solo accounts:
all the best. 1love. cord

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Robosonic & Thabo Getsome – ‘Juicy’ (Edit)

Robosonic & Thabo Getsome - 'Juicy' (Edit)
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FORMAT:B – ‘Chunky, (ROBOSONIC Remix)

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ROBOSONIC has dropped this massive new remix of FORMAT:B – ‘Chunky’. We love the bassline on this and look forward to picking up a copy when it drops on 26.01.2014.

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Good Feel Feat. Masta Ace - Single

by Robosonic

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08/10/14 FEATURED MUSIC # , , , , ,

Eddie Amador – ‘House Music’ (Robosonic Remix)

Eddie Amador - 'House Music' (Robosonic Remix)
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Robosonic have dropped this brilliant new remix of Eddie Amador’s classic track, ‘House Music’. It is out now on Yoshitoshi, get it now from Beatport by hitting the download link above…

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16/11/13 FEATURED MUSIC # , , , , , , , , ,

Robosonic – ‘Macho Madness’ EP (feat. Mat.Joe)

artworks-000062762998-06mpyp-t500x500Production duo Robosonic have delivered another hot release for Andre Crom’s ‘Off Recordings. This will come out on both Digital and Vinyl on 26.11.2013. The EP is heavily influenced by hip hop and both tracks have a great vibe. Listen using the player below and let us know what you think by leaving a comment or tweet.

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06/08/13 FEATURED MUSIC # , , , , , , , , , , ,

Stefano Ritteri & Robosonic – ‘She Was On My Mind’

artworks-000054122424-8z30hu-t500x500This massive new track from Stefano Ritteri & Robosonic is out exactly one week from today, on 8th August at Beatport via. Off Recordings. It’s already had a huge amount of support including a spin on Pete Tong’s Radio 1 show and is sure to be popular as we approach the end of summer.

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Robosonic & Adana Twins – ‘La Fique’

artworks-000048597437-32nfx3-t200x200Robosonic and the Adana Twins have teamed up to create this lovely new disco inspired, chilled deep house track. It will be released on 2DIY4 on 3/6/2013. Sit back, turn it up and dream of summer!

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David Keno ft HRRSN – ‘Sunshine’ (Robosonic Remix)

artworks-000043994185-xb4ndf-originalAs the Ibiza announcements begin to flood in, people are starting to look to the summer. As well as the factor 30 and a decent set of shades, the next thing on the checklist for many is the summer anthem. A prime contender for this spot this year could well be the hot new ep from David Keno and the German lads HRRSN. Very hard to choose the track highlight on this one, but the remix from Off Recording’s favourite duo Robosonic on ‘Sunshine’ could be it.
A huge vocal hook, plenty of weighty bass and a great drop.

Out on Noir Music and with early support from Huxley, Maxxi Soundsystem, Solomun, Sasha and Paolo Rocco – expect to be hearing this one by the beach and in the clubs this summer.

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