Music promotion can be difficult and frustrating. It’s a constantly changing landscape and staying ahead of the curve can be difficult.

At Soundplate we are committed to helping independent artists and labels succeed.

We have developed some tools and resources to help you promote music, submit music for Spotify playlists and get the most from your music promotion.

Free Music Promotion Tools & Resources

Some of our top resources and tools for free music promotion are listed below.
Please select from the list to find out more and promote your music.


Take Your Music Marketing To The Next Level


The ultimate smart links for music marketing.


What exactly are smart links?

Smart links (also known as fan links) are shareable, trackable landing pages for your music that let fans choose where they stream or download your tracks from. They’re the most interactive way to market music there is, displaying everything artists need to promote on one, stylish page.  

Get all you need to reach more fans— faster— with a simple, short link you can share everywhere.

Soundplate Clicks links encourage fans to add your music to their Spotify, Deezer, or Apple Music playlists, and they make downloading tracks a breeze.  They’ll help you grow your fanbase, boost streams and sales, and sell more gig tickets, while our analytics dashboard will let you better understand your audience. 

Gain total control over your marketing approach, and discover which platforms your listeners prefer, where your fans live, and how they’re finding your music.

Smart Links are:

  • Responsive – optimised to work on ALL devices.
  • Intuitive – takes fans straight to their preferred platform for purchase.
  • Interactive – keep fans updated with Events and Social Media Links
  • Supportive – let listeners add your tracks to their playlists
  • Informative – advanced analytics let you track your fans
  • Promotional –create pre-save campaigns for Spotify, Apple and Deezer 
  • Shareable – embed, share on social, Soundcloud, YouTube, & offline 
  • Ideal for Labels – add multiple artists, promote all your catalogues & more!

Use Soundplate Clicks to boost your performance on streaming sites and get many times more listens, adds, and purchases.  Create stylish Artist or Label pages, then use like a mini promo website to display all your music, social links, and tour dates in one eye-catching place. 

Our music smart links help you tweak your promotional strategy, as every time a fan acts on your page, we’ll convert this into data you can use to refine your approach.

MAX out the volume with Clicks

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Intelligent music smart links boasting innovative new features designed to help grow your fanbase, increase streams & sales, sell more gig tickets, and better understand your audience.

Click here to find out more and get started. 

Spotify Playlist Submission System

You can submit music to Spotify playlists using our website & submissions tool. There are now hundreds of playlists managing their music submissions on Soundplate.

Submitting music to playlists via Soundplate is easy and free. 

About The Soundplate Spotify Playlist Submission System

We are on a mission to help artists reach independent and influential Spotify curators. Our system is totally free for artists and has already helped thousands of artists land spots in great Spotify playlists.

We originally built the system to handle the submissions we were receiving for our own playlists but soon realized the potential and demand for opening the system out to other Spotify curators, there are now hundreds of playlists using our system to handle their music submissions.

Click here to search for Spotify playlists & submit your music to Sptify playlists now. If you have a playlist you would like to be added to the system please click here.

Add a Spotify Playlist Now!

Grow your Spotify playlist with our free Spotify submission system!

Artists have to follow your playlist & Spotify profile before they can submit music to you.

You keep complete control and decide which tracks to add to your playlist.

Use our playlist admin system to contact the artists you feature.

Our submission-gates are simple, free and look great on all devices.

Grow your playlist while checking out some great music submissions. Suggest a playlist for our site (and playlist submission-gate system) by filling in the simple form below.

Create a professional music visualizer video for your music from just £13.99.


A free tool for creating beautiful artwork for your music. is a free tool where you can create beautiful music covers for playlists and songs. We decided to launch this to help playlist curators and artist create better pack-shots for their music.

Check it out now and create your playlist artwork for free!

No registration or payment is required, it’s completely free for everyone to use.

Create playlist artwork at


Find out how far away your song is from going silver / gold / platinum and see if you are eligible for any awards with this free tool.


MUSICFIBRE.COM – Free Music Industry Directory is our free directory of music industry companies and resources. Looking for a tool, company of music industry service? This will make your life much easier!

We are not currently accepting submissions for the Soundplate Music Blog.

The only way to get featured is to submit music to our Spotify playlists. Our favorite submissions will also be added to the Soundplate Blog. We also occasionally feature our favourite songs by users of Soundplate Clicks who make their music smart links with Soundplate.


We are proud to support all talented artists, not just those with big budgets and record label backing.

The landscape of music promotion is changing fast and as Spotify playlist Promotion becomes more and more important, we are pleased to now be accepting submissions to our Spotify playlists. Click the link above to submit music to our Spotify playlists.