Create a simple and professional video or animated social content to help promote your music online.

Our music visualizers are perfect for promoting your music on YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms.

To get started and create your video, pick a style from the options below or scroll down for details about how to created animated social media content for music:


  • Custom background
  • Custom Visualiser style (2 options).
  • Average delivery time: Less than 24hrs.
  • No watermarks or branding added.
  • Web Quality – $13.99
  • Full HD – $19.99


  • Blurred Artwork Background
  • Custom Visualiser Style (2 options)
  • Average delivery time: Less than 24hrs.
  • No watermarks or branding added.
  • Web Quality – $13.99
  • Full HD – $19.99

Create Animated Social Media Content To Promote Your Music

Use our web-app to create animated content perfect for sharing on your social media channels!

What is a Music Visualizer? 

A music visualizer is a simple video which you can use to promote your music online. The audio spectrum in the video reacts and moves in time with your music, turning a simple image into an engaging an eye-catching video.


Why do I need a Music Visualiser?

Music visualisers are a low-cost alternative to creating full music videos. They allow you to upload your audio to platforms like YouTube and Facebook without creating a full video.

A cool music visualiser can help set your music apart from other artwork based videos online.


How do I Create a Music Visualizer?

Creating a music visualizer on Soundplate could not be easier. Simply select your style from the options above then follow the steps. Our music visualizer maker will take care of the rest!


How long will it take to get my video?

Your video will usually be delivered to you within a few hours of making an order. There are occasionally delays but you will always receive the video within 24hours of making an order.


How do I create spinning vinyl / spinning disc animations for my music?

Spinning vinyl animations can be created using our other product, – creating them takes just a few minutes!


Why has Soundplate launched this Music visualizer service?

At Soundplate, we are committed to helping independent and artists. We have already successfully built tools to help artists with music marketing (music fan links), playlist promotion, music advertising, music analytics, research and education, and more.

Several artists have asked us about easy and cost-effective ways to create promotional music videos and assets. We are testing this new online music video tool to see if it proves to be valuable and effective for artists. We also have a tool for creating other types of animated social media content for music.