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Promoting music in the modern music industry is tough.

We build tools & resources to make it easier, so you can spend more time making music and less time promoting it!

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Our Tools & Resources For Artists & Labels

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Smart Links for Music Marketing

A suite of innovative music marketing tools. Create smart links, pre-saves & more.

Submit Music to Playlists

Submit music to Spotify & Deezer playlists for free.

Discover independent Spotify playlists and submit music to playlist curators, completely free.

Get Funding For Your Music

Get an advance up to 8x your annual streaming income

Keep 100% ownership of your music.

Music Visualizer Videos

Animated Music Visualizer Videos for your music!

Generate a custom animated visualizer video for your song now.

Music Awards Eligibility

Calculate if your music is eligible for any plaques.

Music Industry Jobs

Find your next job in the music industry.

Cover Artwork Generator

Free tool for creating artwork for playlists & songs

The Soundplate Blog

Interviews, music marketing tips & much more!

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