Set up an effective music advertising campaign on Instagram for just $50

Follow this guide to advertise music on Instagram effectively.

Setting up a targeted music advertising campaign on Instagram & Facebook for just $50!

Setting up advertising campaigns for music on social media can be a nightmare, especially with the limited targeting options made available to you by the ad-creation tools on each of the major social media platforms.

In this post we show you the best method to create a perfectly targeted ad-campaign on Instagram and Facebook every time with budgets as small as $50.


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Follow These steps to advertise music on Instagram:

The first thing you will need is the content, ideally an engaging vertical video that shows off your music, this can be a brand new video or one from an existing Instagram post.

Once you have decided on the content launch this advertising tool. 

Follow the steps that appear on screen to set up your campaign, once you have selected your objective and connected your Facebook account you can first choose the content for the advert and then get to work on the targeting. 

As you can see from the screenshot below, there are many options you have to target your campaign, but the most important one is ‘Artist’s fanbase’ here you can search for other artists who make similar music to you and target fans that listen to that style of music!

Music advertising on Instagram targeting tool


This targeting option gives you a huge edge for your music advertising campaigns as it allows you to reach the people most likely to engage and listen to your music. 


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